1. What is an interior designer?
2. What do you look for in a designer?
3. What are your expectations?
4. When is it a good time to call on a designer?




1. Designers are coaches. They know how to find the solutions to suit the situation. They make good choices. They work with you, your lifestyle and your budget.

2. Find their level of experience and scope of work done. Look at their portfolios. Find out if you click together as this becomes a close working relationship. Ask for references.

3. Be realistic and think of your lifestyle and needs. Think of a budget. Set goals. Start a scrapbook of ideas and spaces that caught your eye. Write notes next to that. Decide on a time frame if the project can be done immediately, or in stages.

4. At the beginning of your project as it is much easier to put together all the components together to create that dream space. This saves on time, money and nerves.


Development Is Supported By


We believe that making a commercial space be as inviting and pleasant to all who work there and who visit there; as well as it being a safe and sound place. A good example is the dental office.


We believe that residential spaces are special and personal and should reflect the occupants' own personalities. They are for all ages to enjoy and use all the time.

Furniture Design

We believe that furniture should be designed with function and aesthetics. Well made furniture becomes heirlooms for future users.