What is the secret behind the ‘Boomerang’ movie?

After being given the green light to make his big screen debut in 2018, director/producer/star Michael Moore has finally revealed the “Boomersang” movie, set to be released in 2019.

The film follows the exploits of a young woman named Sarah (Samantha Morton) and her father (Michael Caine) who are both tasked with saving their son’s life.

Though the film will focus on Sarah’s dad, it’s clear that the story of the family will extend far beyond their lives.

Moore told The Hollywood Reporter that the film was “about people who were trying to get through the worst of life.

We were really trying to capture the way people do what they do because that’s what they’re really good at.

It’s about the people who are in the middle, and how we have to be there for them.”

Moore added that the character of Sarah is the main reason the film is so much fun, and why he believes the film resonates with audiences.

“It’s so much about her because she’s a very intelligent, compassionate, kind person.

She’s not a perfect person, but she’s kind of in the right place at the right time,” Moore said.

“Sarah’s kind, and she’s not afraid of anything, and her family’s very supportive of her.”

Moore said that the characters in the film were written by actor David Schwimmer, who will be starring opposite Caine and Morton as the young woman.

Moore said he also had a hand in the production of the movie, and that he hopes that viewers will be able to experience the story “from a completely new angle.”

Moore has been known to be a staunch critic of President Donald Trump and his policies, so it will be interesting to see how the film’s tone and message will align with those views.

The actor, who has spoken out against Trump before, said he’s not “going to stop speaking about him until he apologizes.”

Moore was also asked about the recent news that he will be directing the 2018 remake of the 1990s film “Pulp Fiction,” which will be released on August 28.

Moore replied that he’s still working on it and would only be available for interviews if the script was ready.

“I’m still working very hard on that, and I don’t want to say much,” Moore revealed.

“But I can say that it’s coming along very well.

I’m very excited about that.”

WATCH: What did the ‘Pulp’ cast and crew say about Michael Moore’s upcoming ‘Bomber’ movie?:

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