When a wedding is a picnic

A wedding table decorated with wildflowers, petals and a bumble bee is an unexpected sight in this family-friendly resort.

But after a few days, the decor has transformed into something more serious.

The bride’s mother is preparing for the wedding and has decided to go into a nursing home to get some of her own decorations and floral arrangements made.

The decorations at the wedding table at the Lake Louise Resort in B.C. are a work of artThe bride and groom at the family-oriented resort are both expecting a babyThe wedding was a celebration of a special momentThe bride is expecting her first child, and her parents have decided to take her to a nursing facility to get a couple of her wedding decorations and some of their own flowers made.

“I don’t know if it’s going to be an actual wedding or not, but it is going to just be a fun little celebration of what we are celebrating together,” said Jennifer Stilley, the bride’s mom.

“It’s going with flowers, it’s having the kids dance, it has to be a lot of fun.”

The couple has been expecting their first child for about two months.

Jennifer says her family was always very supportive of her decision to get married at the resort.

“They’ve always been very supportive, so I think it’s a great way for us to show support and celebrate that,” she said.

The wedding had been planned for two weeks agoThe wedding at the popular resort was a surprise for the couple, who had been expecting a wedding but had no idea what to expect.

The couple is expecting their second child on May 10The bride says she was worried that they wouldn’t be able to attendThe groom has a newborn baby on the way to the weddingThe bride said the couple’s children have been doing all the dancingThey were also nervous about being in a nursing homes with the baby, but the family’s support has been warm.

“The baby has been so much more excited,” Jennifer said.

“He loves to dance and he loves to play.”

Our kids are really excited, they love it.

They’ve been doing the dance.

“The wedding table is a work in progressThe groom says the couple decided to have a reception at a nursing centreThe wedding reception was a shock for the bride, who said she was a little worried that the family would not be able or able to be present at the reception.”

We were so excited, we had to wear our wedding gowns and it’s just such a different experience, especially with the newborn baby, we didn’t know what to do,” Jennifer explained.”

There was no dress code, we couldn’t really wear anything, we were just all dressed up.

“The family decided to get creativeThe family has chosen a couple’s own flowersThe bride has been planning a wedding for about a month, but was surprised to find that she had a wedding table, along with some flowers and other decorations made by a friend.”

My friend said we could decorate it,” she recalled.”

She said it’s the same idea as a treehouse.

It was just like the whole treehouse thing, it was just a tree, flowers, and some other stuff.

“The bride got some flowers from the nursing homeThey’re trying to make the wedding a family affairThe bride, her parents and their friends have decided that they will get together at the nursing facility and make the reception a family event.”

You’re going to make this a family reunion, but we’re not going to do it just because it’s my birthday,” Jennifer added.”

So that’s why we’re doing it with the flowers and we’re having the dancing and the dancing is going on.

“Jennifer said that although it is a very intimate occasion, she is hoping the couple will get to spend a bit of time together.”

That’s the fun part, it’ll be a family gathering,” she laughed.

The reception was held at a family-owned nursing homeThe bride had planned a party to be held in the nearby nursing home, but didn’t want to go to the venue on her own.”

But when I heard they were going to a family day, that was definitely an option.

I thought it was going to have to be in my room, it’d be so embarrassing,” Jennifer joked.

The event was a blastThe bride decided to make her own wedding decorationsThe groom said the reception was an absolute blast.”

To have all the family there, it just feels like a family, so it was a really good time,” he said.

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