‘Crazy’ house, cake decorates, ‘crazy’ decor steals


One house, three bedroom, and three bathroom, all made from scratch in the style of the Disney movie princesses, is turning out to be a pretty popular spot for the “crazy” decor thief.

In fact, the owners of the house were just arrested last week and charged with grand theft of a place of public accommodation.

“We’re not criminals, we just want to enjoy the place we live in and enjoy our home,” owner Amanda Ziegler told CBC News.

Amanda, who has lived in the house for a little over a year, told CBC she’s never seen anyone break into her house before.

“People are going to break into the house.

We have cameras on the door.

We do not have security cameras,” she said.

“The house has been a lot of fun, I think, for me, because it’s a beautiful place.

I have friends who have never been there, and they’re like, ‘Oh, you guys are amazing.'”

Amanda said the thief is the same person who stole the home from her last summer, when she said she was “totally in shock” when they came in.

“I’ve lived in a house with a crazy person before, and I’m not surprised,” she explained.

“It’s just a house.

There’s no way I could have expected that it would be this good.”

Amanda and her husband, Mark, who have been living in the home for five years, were in shock last year when they found out that someone had broken into their house.

“They came in with a big knife, and when we confronted them they said, ‘We don’t have a key,’ and then they took our house keys and threw them away,” she recalled.

“So we were like, we can’t just take them.

They stole our house.”

Amanda said she has had many people come in and try to buy the property.

“There are people that are so desperate that they’re just buying up the entire property,” she added.

“Then they come back and they come with another person and say, ‘Let’s do this, let’s do that.’

And then it’s just crazy.”

She said they’ve had people come up to her with a camera and try and rent the house out.

“Sometimes it’s people that have never lived in this house, who are completely delusional, and then there are people who come in with their own money, but who want to buy this house.”

The couple said the property is very popular with tourists and the owner is selling it on for upwards of $1,000 a month.

“When people come to us with their money, they’ll come in,” she told CBC.

“And they’ll rent the whole thing out.”

Amanda, and Mark, said they do have security camera footage of the home, and Amanda said her security camera also caught the thief.

“Our security camera caught them.

And then the person was gone.

They didn’t go to jail,” she confirmed.

“But it was crazy.

You couldn’t even do anything, you could hear the thief.”

Amanda is also concerned about the damage to the home’s walls and windows, which will cost the Zieglers a lot more money to repair.

“Everything was painted and there were all these decorations on the walls and the windows,” she recounted.

“You would think that they would have the same amount of money that you would, but they don’t.”

Amanda Zegler said her husband is not sure if he can go into the home and pay for the damages to the walls or the windows, and he’s been looking for an insurance company to cover the costs.

“If they were to just paint over everything, you know, we could do it, and you wouldn’t have any more money,” he said.

Amanda Zagler said she hopes the thief who broke into her home doesn’t find out how much money she has to pay for damages, and she will try to help the Ziglers with the money.

“My husband is hoping that someone will come in, and that he’ll just give it back to us, so we can fix it up and we can have a nice place to live, but I think the real goal is to help us pay the insurance,” she admitted.

“That’s all that matters, is the money.”

With files from CBC’s Sarah O’Connor and the Associated Press

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