How to Build a Christmas Wall Decorating Basket

Decorations can be a fun addition to any home, but for many, their festive effect is often overshadowed by other decorating needs.

Here are three simple steps you can take to create a wall decoration basket, and what to expect.1.

Use a large and solid block of wood or plastic.

The basket should have at least four sides.

The walls should be wide enough for two or three people to pass through.2.

Use the largest size of plastic you can find, and place the baskets on the floor or behind the furniture, creating a large, solid block.3.

Place a door, window or window shade.

The shade is the perfect place to hide your decorations.4.

Decorate your basket with a bunch of different holiday-themed decorations.

You can use a different color for each basket.5.

Decorate your basket in multiple colors, but always keep in mind that it will get more difficult to keep all of the decorations organized as you get older.6.

Decide what colors and what patterns you want to use, and then place the basket on a hard surface.

Place the baskets in a large area so that the room is not crowded.7.

Once you have the basket arranged, fill it with a variety of different decorations and put them in a line along the top.

You want the decorations to stand out from the rest of the room.8.

Then place the decorative pieces on a base.

Place one of the basket pieces on top of a large tree, or a tree branch or pole.

Place another basket on top, then the third on top.9.

When you have completed your basket, decorate the tree with a Christmas tree ornament.

If you’re feeling especially fancy, you can add a Christmas carol ornaments to the basket.10.

Use your new Christmas decorations as a base for other decorations.

Place an extra basket on the other side of the original basket, adding more decorations as needed.

You may need to rearrange some of the baskets as you go, but this can be fun for the kids too.

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