‘I am a Christian. I do not hate anyone’: Muslim man on ‘Christmas’

An elderly Muslim man has told Al Jazeera how he is trying to “make Christmas” as a Muslim man as a Christian “without hurting anyone”.

Mohammed Ahmed, who has dementia and does not speak English, is part of the largest group of Christmas decorators in the country and has created his own elaborate decoration tables.

“Christmas is my life, my life is not about money.

It’s about giving to those who need it,” Ahmed said.

“When I see Christmas decorations I see people who have been neglected by society, who have had to go without food or medicine.

I am a Muslim and I do love Christmas. “

I am not a racist, I don’t hate anyone.

I want to give to the poor, the people who are suffering.” “

It is Christmas.

I want to give to the poor, the people who are suffering.”

His work is an attempt to give people “more money than they deserve”.

Ahmed said he had been “very angry” about Christmas decorations before he had a “wonderful experience” last year.

And then they celebrate. “

We see the Christians getting presents.

They get presents. “

People are getting rich.

They get presents.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated events in the world. “

If you can’t have a Christmas, why celebrate?”

Christmas is one of the most celebrated events in the world.

In the year ending September 2015, more than 30 million people celebrated Christmas in more than 180 countries.

However, despite the millions of people who attended, only around 20 per cent of the world’s population celebrated it.

Around 70 per cent did so in the Islamic world.

A survey last year found only one in six people living in Islamic countries were Muslims.

Ahmed, 72, is the oldest member of the group and said he would like to work longer in the hope of eventually making Christmas his “life”.

“Christmas presents have been given to me for 40 years.

But I am not religious, I’m not a Christian,” he said.

He is an assistant professor at the University of Cambridge.

Ahmed said that, despite being a Muslim, he had had Christmas before he even visited the Islamic country of Turkey in the Middle East.

“What is important for me is that Christmas is not a religious thing.

It is a holiday that can be shared with others and that can also be given to those people who don’t have it,” he added.

Ahmed added that he would have to “give away” the decorations, but he said he was not afraid of “negative comments”.

He said that he had seen the decorations in other countries and thought it “really cool”.

Ahmed added: “If I could do that to the Christians, I think it would be amazing.”

In 2015, the International Islamic Council of Britain issued a statement saying Christmas should be “shared with everyone”.

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