Trump signs $1.5 billion military aid bill for veterans

Trump signed an 11-year, $1 billion package of military aid Wednesday that included more than $250 million for veterans, veterans-only services and support for military families.

The White House did not provide a breakdown of the package’s funding level.

Trump also approved a bill for an additional $300 million for military spouses and children, including $75 million to help with the costs of childcare and child care, as well as $100 million to support the National Guard.

He also gave $1 million to the military for a new National Guard Training Center at Fort Meade, Md.

 Trump also signed a bill to increase the number of National Guard members to 4,500, up from the current level of about 2,500.

The president also announced a $200 million funding boost for the Department of Veterans Affairs, including new medical facilities and hiring to expand the number and quality of care for veterans.

Trump signed another bill to provide a $50 million emergency relief package for the states.

During his speech, Trump said the new spending plan would give $1 trillion to help families of fallen soldiers, adding that the money would also be given to states to help veterans and military spouses in their time of need.

“It’s about time.

I’ve been waiting for a long time,” Trump said.

“It’s a big day for us.”

The new funding will be available for the first time in the coming weeks, Trump announced, and will allow for additional spending to be funded by the new Congress.

Read more from the White House:Trump, first lady welcome first responders to White House, with new ‘President’s Day’ celebration: ‘It’s so special’Trump welcomes first responders, with first responders greeting him at the White Senate with a kiss on the cheek and a ‘thank you’ from the president, according to the White house.

President Trump greets First Responders at the State Department on May 16, 2021 in Washington, DC. 

Trump said during his speech that “this is the time to remember the sacrifice” made by the first responders and said the president’s actions will “give us a much greater sense of security, and a much stronger sense of hope.”

Read the Whitehouse press release here: White House Press Release Trump signs military aid package into law to aid veterans, military spouses: Trump signs 11-Year Military Aid Bill to Aid Veterans, Military Families in the first major military aid spending bill signed by President Donald Trump, the WhiteHouse announced on Wednesday. 

The $1,631 billion bill includes $250 billion for veterans’ and veterans-oriented services and $100 billion for military-family services. 

President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law on Wednesday, also a $1-billion increase in military aid for the VA and the Pentagon. 

In addition to the $1B increase, the bill includes an additional 2B B-1 bomber, 2B cargo planes, 1B Littoral Combat Ship, 1S aircraft, 2D amphibious assault ship, 1D helicopter carrier, and 1M sea-based interdiction and rescue ship. 

“President Trump’s Military Assistance Strategy is a comprehensive strategy that is helping our military fight the global threats of terrorism, infectious disease, cyber, and pandemic, and is ensuring our military has the capabilities to respond to and win in the face of these threats,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

“This plan also reflects the President’s desire to give our troops and their families a boost in their fight to secure our country.”

Read more about the military aid: Trump administration to give $300M to military spouses of fallen troops: The Trump administration on Wednesday approved an additional two-year $300 billion for the Veterans Administration and the Department for Veterans Families to provide veterans and their spouses with healthcare, medical care, child care and other services and programs. 

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin also approved $250,000 to help provide veterans with childcare and family care. 

A total of $100M for the Defense Logistics Agency, the Department’s military aid program, will go toward the acquisition of new military equipment and equipment and other supporting equipment. 

White house also approves $200M to help fund National Guard training: The Trump administration announced that the United States has authorized an additional$200 million for the National Guards for the use of the Department. 

Also included in the bill is a $100,000 supplemental allotment for the Army National Guard, $60,000 for the Navy National Guard and $20,000 each for the Air National Guard of the US and Canada. 

This is the first round of the Trump administration’s “Defense Logistics Fund,” which was approved by Congress last month.

It will be used to provide $100B to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and $60B to enhance the capabilities of the

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