Yolanda Weininger began her profession as an assistant to a top restaurant designer in Chicago upon graduation.  These restaurants were mainly single chef-owned facilities so it was a “hands-on” experience.  In addition, she is a gourmet cook with years of entertaining from intimate suppers to 100 people at Christmas open house, thus she knows her way around kitchens very well.

The last kitchen designed was a recommendation from a custom home remodeler/builder and was published in the 08 Oct issue of Tucson Lifestyle.  This was a custom territorial home with challenges.   We listened to the owners who had very specific ideas and needs and we accommodated everything on their “wish list”.

The most important element of a kitchen is that it must function for all age groups and interests.  This is always the heart of the home and where everyone congregates.  Kitchens are now multi use spaces that need to be flexible.


We believe that making a commercial space be as inviting and pleasant to all who work there and who visit there; as well as it being a safe and sound place. A good example is the dental office.


We believe that residential spaces are special and personal and should reflect the occupants' own personalities. They are for all ages to enjoy and use all the time.

Furniture Design

We believe that furniture should be designed with function and aesthetics. Well made furniture becomes heirlooms for future users.